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Allowing varsities to soar

Allowing varsities to soar

Wednesday March 11, 2009
Allowing varsities to soar
Reflecting on the Law

AS A university student I had read Alfred North Whitehead’s dictum that “education is activity of thought and receptivity to beauty and humane feeling. Scraps of information have nothing to do with it”.

For more than three decades as a law teacher in several tertiary institutions, I lived with the dream that the university is the birthplace of ideas, and its educators the planters of seeds that can lead to the greening of the nation’s intellectual landscape.

As I look back I realise that I was mostly a cog in the Government’s wheels and a participant in a production assembly line. Processes were more important than products; quantity more important than quality. Conformity was appreciated; independence was viewed with suspicion.

It gladdens the heart, therefore, to read Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s statement in Kuantan on Feb 28 that the Government is aiming at empowering the universities to steer their own course, make their own decisions and craft their own policies.

What should these policies, goals and aims be? Let me outline.

Educational role: At one time, universities were regarded as ivory tower institutions aloof from society and wedded to the esoteric pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. No one would support such a limited role any more.

The horizons of university education are expanding at a breathtaking pace and more and more valleys and summits are coming within the university’s vistas.

Our core business is to be citadels of knowledge. We are repositories and recorders of humanity’s achievements from the dawn of civilisation. Our profession and passion is to generate and pursue ideas in an intellectual way and in an intellectual setting.

Ideally, we should be free to pursue our adventure of ideas without fear of reprisals from the university governors and the political executive.

At one time, our primary aim was to administer known facts and theories and to transmit them to elite members of society.

But now we are not content to be mirrors that reflect the light produced by others. We wish to be the candles that produce the glow. Creation of knowledge through research activities is our new challenge.

Reorganising knowledge: University faculties tend to be organised within traditional disciplinary frameworks. But diversification and specialisation of knowledge is taking place. Societal problems like medical scourges, environmental catastrophes and sustainable development require holistic and inter-disciplinary approaches.

Social development: Universities ought to be catalysts for social engineering. It is our job to promote educational equality; to democratise channels of education; and to meet the demands for mass higher education. It is our duty to empower the weaker sections of society to break free of initial environmental handicaps and to extend their horizon of possibilities.

Aside from imparting knowledge and training to full-time students, it is our job to disseminate knowledge and information to other sectors of society.

Up to now most universities were profession-centred. Instead they should be people-centred. They should provide life-long learning and adult education on all burning issues of the times.

Universities should keep the civil service, the commercial sector and willing groups within society abreast of the flow of intellectual, technical and scientific developments.

In addition, a university should aspire to become society’s conscience keeper. It must mould people’s social conscience and social perspective.

These unmet roles can be performed through information and communication technologies, and through short-term, specialised courses for targeted groups. Such courses should have no rigid entry requirements.

Participation in the economy: Universities should become engines of the nation’s economic growth. They should be linked with industries.

They should be actively involved in innovation, industry-related applied research, business start-ups, training of entrepreneurs and a two-way transfer of technology with the industrial sector.

Universities should utilise their research findings in new services and industrial processes.

Universities should create their own internal economies by getting involved in the knowledge-based external economy.

This can be done by selling services, meeting the need for scientific and technical education of public and private sector companies, creating spin-off companies, technology centres and science parks.

Universities must disseminate their research results and learn to handle managerial aspects of intellectual property.

They must conduct adult education courses. They must vigorously pursue ways of receiving grants, bequests and donations from national and international sources.

Universities should permit and promote inter-varsity academic mobility and mobility between university and industry to open

Mikaela having her make-up done by IMAN Cosmetics | Miss SA Teen 2010

Mikaela having her make-up done by IMAN Cosmetics | Miss SA Teen 2010

IMAN Cosmetics, a Miss SA Teen sponsor, visited Sun International to give Mikaela some make-up and skin care products.

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