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Sheer Minerals Make Up

sheer minerals make up

  • An inorganic substance needed by the human body for good health

  • (mineral) relating to minerals; "mineral elements"; "mineral deposits"

  • (mineral) composed of matter other than plant or animal; "the inorganic mineral world"

  • A solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence

  • A substance obtained by mining

  • (mineral) solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition

    make up
  • The composition or constitution of something

  • constitute: form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"

  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament

  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

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  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed

  • Perpendicularly

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  • straight up or down without a break

  • swerve: turn sharply; change direction abruptly; "The car cut to the left at the intersection"; "The motorbike veered to the right"

According to the first accounts of the Guadalupan apparition, during a walk from his village to the city on December 9, 1531, Juan Diego saw a vision of a Virgin at the Hill of Tepeyac. Speaking in Nahuatl, Guadalupe said to build an abbey on the site, but when Juan Diego spoke to the Spanish bishop, Fray Juan de Zumarraga, the prelate asked for a miraculous sign. So the Virgin told Juan Diego to gather flowers from the hill, even though it was winter, when normally nothing bloomed. He found Spanish roses, gathered them on his tilma, and presented these to the bishop. When the roses fell from it an icon of the Guadalupe remained imprinted on the cloth.


A number of primary historical documents are used to support this apparition account, including: the Nahuatl-language Huei tlamahuicoltica or Nican mopohua ("here it is recounted"), a tract about the Virgin which contains the aforementioned story, and which was printed in 1649; a Spanish-language book about the apparitions titled Imagen de la Virgen Maria ("Image of the Virgin Mary"), printed in 1648; a seventeenth-century engraving by Samuel Stradanus which used the Virgin's image to advertise indulgences; and the Codex Escalada, a pictographic account of the Virgin on Tepeyac, printed on deerskin and said to date back to 1548.

The apparition account is also strengthened by a document called the Informaciones Juridicas of 1666, a collection of oral interviews gathered near Juan Diego's hometown of Cuautitlan. In the "Informaciones Juridicas," various witnesses affirmed, in interview format, basic details about Saint Juan Diego and the Guadalupan apparition story.

Some historians and clerics, including the U.S. priest-historian Fr.Stafford Poole, the famous Mexican historian Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta, and former abbot of the Basilica of Guadalupe, Guillermo Schulenburg, have expressed doubts about the historicity of the apparition accounts. Schulenburg in particular caused a stir with his 1996 interview with the Catholic magazine Ixthus, when he said that Juan Diego was "a symbol, not a reality."

One problem with the apparition tradition is that Juan Diego is said to have met the Virgin in 1531, while the earliest account about their meeting was published in 1648. When discussing the 117-year gap between the apparition and written accounts describing it, apparition believers point to the Codex Escalada, a recently-discovered document which illustrates the Tepeyac apparition and which dates to 1548. The document, a painting on deerskin which illustrates the apparition and discusses Juan Diego's death, was used to shore up Juan Diego's 1990s canonization process. Critics, including Stafford Poole and David A. Brading, find the document suspicious -- partly because of when it was discovered, and partly because it contains the handiwork of both Antonio Valeriano (a man many apparition partisans believe to be the true author of the Nican mopohua) and the signature of Bernardino de Sahagun, the Franciscan missionary and anthropologist. Brading said that within the context of the Christian tradition, it was rather like finding a picture of St. Paul's vision of Christ on the road to Damascus, drawn by St. Luke and signed by St. Peter.

Believers in the Codex counter that the Codex has been vetted by scientific tests which prove it is an authentic 16th-century document. Zumarraga was silent on the topic of the apparition: there is no mention of Juan Diego nor the Virgin in any of his writings. In a catechism written the year before his death he stated: “The Redeemer of the world doesn’t want any more miracles, because they are no longer necessary.” Furthermore, in 1531 Zumarraga was not Mexico's Archbishop but merely Bishop-elect: he would not be consecrated until 1533.

Guillermo Schulenburg, the Basilica's abbot for over 30 years, declared in 1996 Juan Diego as a symbol and myth, a constructed character made to conquer the hearts of the native people and seize their religiosity in order to redirect it to the Vatican's will. He also commisioned a serious study, "out of sheer love for truth", which demonstrates the Lady of uadalupe as a man-made painting, with no supernatural elements whatsoever. There is ample evidence of a 16th century shrine to Guadalupe at Tepeyac: however skeptics contend that this shrine was dedicated to the Spanish icon Our Lady of Guadalupe in Extremadura.

Symbol of Mexico

Guadalupe's first major use as a nationalistic symbol was in the writing of Miguel Sanchez, the author of the first Spanish language apparition account. Sanchez identified Guadalupe as Revelation's Woman of the Apocalypse, and said that
"this New World has been won and conquered by the hand of the Virgin Mary...[who had] prepared, disposed, and contrived her exquisite likeness in this her Mexican land, which was conquered for such a glorious purpose, won that there should appear so Mexican an imag

Atuais queridinhos

Atuais queridinhos

Estes sao meus atuais queridinhos, vou colocar uma lista aqui do que sao e porque eu adoro:

1- face fabric da armani (cor 01) Varias meninas aqui ja estao apaixonadas por esta base, estou usando fazem uns 4 meses e amo, eh a melhor base do mundo para o dia dia (a melhor para sair/festas eh a luminous silk tb da armani, rs)

2- fluid sheer armani- eh o tubinho de tampa preta atras do blush da MAC. Melhor iluminador liquido, talvez melhor iluminador de todos. Incrivel mas ele fixa, nao sai por nada, deixa um efeito lindo e natural na pele, da pra ser usando no dia dia ou pra uma coisa mais sofisticada. Da pra misturar tb com sua base favorita pra dar uma iluminada (funciona bem). Essa cor eh a 02, bege basico, mas tem umas 10 cores, todas lindas.

3- MAC ladyblush em creme: gente, eu hesitei em comprar pq tenho a pele oleosa, mas..liiiiiiiiindo, fica uma cor linda, um pouco mais clara que no potinho. Dura mais que o blush em po e eh um rosa que com certeza fica bom em qualquer mulher, o que eh surpreendente!

4- Sombra hidropowder da shiseido H2, tambem tenho a h9, mas essa eh mais fofa ainda, nao eh branca, so tem brilhinhos, adoro

5- quarteto de sombras da chanel- esse quarteto eh tuuuuudo! O efeito eh muito brilho e cor discreta, tem um efeito igual as sombras mineralize, pena q vem uma miseria (a soma das 4 sombras da 1.2g o tamanho de uma sombra unitaria da bourjois ou da lancome, um roubo e eh caro). Cor 95- Sparkling satins

6- Almost powder make up clinique- eu tenho MUITO PE atras com a clinique. Nem dou chance pq nao gosto muito da make deles, tinha a base superfit antiga e achava uma porcaria, rimeis tb sao ruins. Eu nunca ficaria sabendo desse po mas veio uma amostrinha na revista. Eu testei e ameeeeei. A pele ficou matificada mas com efeito natural, base aquele efeito fofo de base mineral. Daria pra usar como base compacta, mas eh mais pra finalizar. Matifica muito mais que o blot, meu trabalho eh a prova de fogo pq eu nao paro um segundo e preciso ficar com a maquiagem perfeito, num ambiente muitas vezes que faz calor e esse po segurou mais do que tudo que ja usei!

7- Dazzleglass bare necessity. Amo, pena q vem pouco, comprei nao tem 1 mes e ja ta na metade

8- gloss da rimel london que aumenta os labios. Ja testei varios, inclusive o da too faced que eh sinistro, mas esse eh discreto na medida e quase nao da formigamento, bem bom.

9- Lancome rimel Oscillation. Ma-ra-vi-lho-so! O aplicador desse rimel tem um dispositivo que vibra e eqto vc esta aplicando vc aperta um botaozinho no aplicador e ele vibra e pra mim da efeito, pq tenho cilios pequenos, ridiculos e ficam enormes, bem bonitos, alongados e separadinhos!

10- Faux Cils YSL rimel - O efeito eh incrivel, salva as meninas de cilios pequenos, finos, claros, minha mascara favorita ate agora, ate agora eu digo pq ela ta secando muito rapido, li no make up alley q isso acontecia e parece que eh verdade... uma pena, 3 meses e ja ta ficando chata de usar

11- Gloss da MAC Jampacked da colecao Cult of Cherry. Esse gloss chegou ontem aqui na Inglaterra, ja q as colecoes da mac sao sempre lancadas 1 mes depois dos eua na europa. Lindo, vinho cereja maravilhoso. Eu tinha o lovechild da mac q tb eh lilas, mas ele tem um fundo marrom e nao gosto.

12- Batom LUstering MAC-, sim, eh um rosa gritante cor de melancia e fica liiiiiiiindo! Usei o verao inteiro, estava na moda por aqui essa cor, laranjas, cores berrantes, rosas assim fortes. Um must, eh lindo, mas nao eh todo mundo que gosta, eu demorei pra ter coragem de usar essas cores, so usava coisa clara, mas agora estou amando.

13- Batom So Scarlet MAC da colecao cult of cherry tb. Esse batom eh demais! Fatal! Nao fica tao escuro como na foto. Ele fica vinho com um fundo cereja tambem. Usei ontem pela primeira vez no meu trabalho e nao teve uma pessoa que nao elogiou, todo mundo veio comentar do batom.

14- lip twins da YSL na cor 06. Esse rosa tb eh berrante, mas eh maravilhoso.

15- rouge hi tech da bourjois lip tint- gente, esse todo mundo tem q ter! Tem de varias cores e eh a coisa mais fofa do mundo. VC aplica, ele seca e vc fica com aquela corzinha nos labios, mas sequinho. Lindo e dura

sheer minerals make up

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